Bulk Trash

Bulk Trash Collection

Junk Truck– Weekly Service

One of the great services that improves city residents quality-of-life occurs each Wednesday – bulk trash collection, aka: "The Junk Truck." Residents may dispose of white goods (appliances), rolled carpets, old furniture, and similar items by placing them near the curb but not intruding upon the street or sidewalk. This is for one or a few items only. For more than this, see Roll Away Service below.

A note about paint cans: these must be empty or "treated," i.e. filled with sand or kitty litter to dry out the paint. Alternatively, you can take paint to the Morgan County Transfer Station.

Roll Away Service

If you are in need of clearing out an entire house or have a large amount of household items that need to go, for what ever reason, Madison has a service for this as well. We will bring a small roll away for you to fill with household items to go to the landfill. This will be transported to the transfer station for you. The tipping fee will be charged to your utility bill. Call (706) 342-1216 to request this service.

Please Note: Leaf and Limb Service and Bulk Trash Collection are different services and processed in entirely different facilities. Mixed debris will not be picked up.