Design Review

Design Review Process

The Historic Preservation Ordinance sets forth the design review process. Property owners proposing changes within the historic district, or to other designated properties, are required to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA).

Please Note: City of Madison Building & Inspection can not issue permits for any work until a Certificate of Appropriateness has been approved.
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 42 - Historic Preservation
COA Application (PDF)

Design Standards

To guide design review decision-making, the Historic Preservation Commission utilizes the National Park Service, Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties - most frequently referencing those standards and guidelines for Rehabilitation. For a more customized review taking into consideration the unique character of the region, state, area, and specifically this community and its resources, the following design standards were researched and adopted to guide HPC decisions.

Historic Preservation Manual Cover

The Madison Historic Preservation Manual

1990, William Chapman / HPC Illustrated handbook for extensive information on historic district and individual character as well as suggested measures for protection and maintenance

~ National Trust for Historic Preservation
 Award-Winning Preservation Guidelines ~

~ Reprinted as Certified Local Government
 Historic Preservation Fund Grant Project [2001] ~

Design Criteria Booklet Cover

Design Criteria
 1998, HPC (& later updates)

Abridged set of guidelines - for most commonly proposed changes - to update, clarify, and supplement
 the original preservation manual

Design Criteria Booklet (PDF)
contains issue specific topics. Also Included:

~ Produced as a Certified Local Government
 Historic Preservation Fund Grant Project [1998] ~